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 | Copyright (C) 2002-2008 The Cacti Group                                 |
 |                                                                         |
 | This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or           |
 | modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public              |
 | License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either            |
 | version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.      |
 |                                                                         |
 | This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,         |
 | but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of          |
 | GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.                     |
 |                                                                         |
 | You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public        |
 | License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software     |
 | Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA           |
 | 02110-1301, USA                                                         |
 |                                                                         |
 | spine: a backend data gatherer for cacti                                |
 | This poller would not have been possible without:                       |
 |   - Larry Adams (current development and enhancements)                  |
 |   - Rivo Nurges (rrd support, mysql poller cache, misc functions)       |
 |   - RTG (core poller code, pthreads, snmp, autoconf examples)           |
 |   - Brady Alleman/Doug Warner (threading ideas, implimentation details) |
 | - Cacti - http://www.cacti.net/                                         |

#define ICMP_ECHOREPLY        0     /* Echo Reply                 */

#define MSG_WAITALL 0x100

#ifdef __CYGWIN__
struct icmp_ra_addr
  u_int32_t ira_addr;
  u_int32_t ira_preference;
struct iphdr {
    unsigned int ihl:4;
    unsigned int version:4;
    unsigned int version:4;
    unsigned int ihl:4;
# error     "Please fix <bits/endian.h>"
    u_int8_t tos;
    u_int16_t tot_len;
    u_int16_t id;
    u_int16_t frag_off;
    u_int8_t ttl;
    u_int8_t protocol;
    u_int16_t check;
    u_int32_t saddr;
    u_int32_t daddr;
    /*The options start here. */
struct icmp
  u_int8_t  icmp_type;  /* type of message, see below */
  u_int8_t  icmp_code;  /* type sub code */
  u_int16_t icmp_cksum; /* ones complement checksum of struct */
    u_char ih_pptr;           /* ICMP_PARAMPROB */
    struct in_addr ih_gwaddr; /* gateway address */
    struct ih_idseq           /* echo datagram */
      u_int16_t icd_id;
      u_int16_t icd_seq;
    } ih_idseq;
    u_int32_t ih_void;

    /* ICMP_UNREACH_NEEDFRAG -- Path MTU Discovery (RFC1191) */
    struct ih_pmtu
      u_int16_t ipm_void;
      u_int16_t ipm_nextmtu;
    } ih_pmtu;

    struct ih_rtradv
      u_int8_t irt_num_addrs;
      u_int8_t irt_wpa;
      u_int16_t irt_lifetime;
    } ih_rtradv;
  } icmp_hun;
#define     icmp_pptr   icmp_hun.ih_pptr
#define     icmp_gwaddr icmp_hun.ih_gwaddr
#define     icmp_id           icmp_hun.ih_idseq.icd_id
#define     icmp_seq    icmp_hun.ih_idseq.icd_seq
#define     icmp_void   icmp_hun.ih_void
#define     icmp_pmvoid icmp_hun.ih_pmtu.ipm_void
#define     icmp_nextmtu      icmp_hun.ih_pmtu.ipm_nextmtu
#define     icmp_num_addrs    icmp_hun.ih_rtradv.irt_num_addrs
#define     icmp_wpa    icmp_hun.ih_rtradv.irt_wpa
#define     icmp_lifetime     icmp_hun.ih_rtradv.irt_lifetime
      u_int32_t its_otime;
      u_int32_t its_rtime;
      u_int32_t its_ttime;
    } id_ts;
      struct ip idi_ip;
      /* options and then 64 bits of data */
    } id_ip;
    struct icmp_ra_addr id_radv;
    u_int32_t   id_mask;
    u_int8_t    id_data[1];
  } icmp_dun;
#define     icmp_otime  icmp_dun.id_ts.its_otime
#define     icmp_rtime  icmp_dun.id_ts.its_rtime
#define     icmp_ttime  icmp_dun.id_ts.its_ttime
#define     icmp_ip           icmp_dun.id_ip.idi_ip
#define     icmp_radv   icmp_dun.id_radv
#define     icmp_mask   icmp_dun.id_mask
#define     icmp_data   icmp_dun.id_data

/* Host availability functions */
extern int ping_host(host_t *host, ping_t *ping);
extern int ping_snmp(host_t *host, ping_t *ping);
extern int ping_icmp(host_t *host, ping_t *ping);
extern int ping_udp(host_t *host, ping_t *ping);
extern int ping_tcp(host_t *host, ping_t *ping);
extern char *remove_tcp_udp_from_hostname(char *hostname);
extern void update_host_status(int status, host_t *host, ping_t *ping, int availability_method);
extern int init_sockaddr(struct sockaddr_in *name, const char *hostname, unsigned short int port);
extern unsigned short get_checksum(void* buf, int len);

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